Training together in groups 2013

Mission LOWERING Your HANDICAP - Get more out of the time you are training

This is an offer to all members of GA, the idea is to train together in diffirent areas of the game and compete against each other. Training is often boring and does not give you the satisfaction as playing 9 or 18 holes. But with a better understanding of how to train and what to train on, You will be surpriced how fast you learn and how quick the time you put in will give you results on the golf course.

The group lessons will cost 1000 isk, pr. person pr. group lesson

The schedule is as follows.

 Tuesday:      MEN starts                2.April  18.30 to 19.30

Wednesday: WOMEN starts.       3.April 18.30 19.30

The plan is as follows:

Putting ,1




Course management,1


Step 1:

A clinic by me, explaining the common mistakes made by golfers around the world, in relation to the weekly topic.

Step 2:

Fixing the most common mistakes, by working on drills and assignmens made by the Teacher.

Step 3:

Compete against eachother  in drills designed to keep your training on track

Brian Højgaard Jensen